Emas Digi

EmasDigi is a newcomers fintech startup in Indonesia, wich provides several gold trading services such as Buy/Sell Gold, Send/Receive Gold, Gold Physical Redemption through their partners/local gold shops and buy gold with installment. The project’s objective was to build a secure – well performed – beauty multi platform application along with a robust backend service.

What We Do
We developed well-designed, robust & secure Fintech app (Android & IOS) along with the Web Backoffice & API Service. The project was started by analyzing client's needs and create the prototype design. SCRUM was chosen as the development framework to deliver high quality outcome.
The main challenges of this project are security & performance. We need to build a secure mechanism to allow customers make their own transactions (gold or money) safely. The other thing is performance issue, as the application was designed to handle thousands of concurrent HTTP requests.