This application is a portal for people to get access into information owned by Indonesia’s parliament (DRP RI). In order to enable request, people have to submit a registration application first. Registered applicants may request their information needs specifically and mention their purpose. This application is available for both the web and mobile platforms

What We Do
We capture client needs by collecting data from existing manual processes, inspecting client’s live web application, and scanning operational procedure documents thoroughly. From gathered information, we begin to design the application’s architecture and painting the interfaces for both devices. After every components are ready, we mix them into robust, secure, and intuitive application.
We have to define a general business flow for the application that can represent current offline flows. As our target user are people who used to do the process manually, we build the Tamam application interface as intuitive as possible for every user roles. We support our goals by building robust and dependable system with clean and neat code.